harrisonburg venues

31 01 2011
  1. Clementines Cafe – A restaurant that provides quality food, music, drinks, art, films and community events in an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and accessible to everyone.
  2. Dave’s Taverna An American Restaurant that also offers a wide range of Greek Specialties. They have daily food and drink specials, Rooftop Dining “the Taratsa”, Free Wi-Fi, on and off premise catering and Live Music which adds up to great fun and a great dining experience for all ages.
  3. Common GroundsCommon Grounds Coffeehouse is EMU’s student-run gathering place located on the first floor of the University Commons. Whether you want to grab coffee, have lunch, find a spot to hang out with friends, watch a concert, or just relax, Common Grounds is the place to go on campus.
  4. The Blue NileBlue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine creates the opportunity for residents of the Shenandoah Valley to experience our heritage and culture through our cuisine.  While downstairs, there is a full bar and appetizers, with DJ’s and live music.



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