18 03 2011

This weekend at The Blue Nile will be the Harrisonburg Rock Lotto. This is an event that will include 13 different bands that will play on Friday and Saturday.  The bands that will be playing on Friday will be: Stoney Creek Showdown, Old Mr. Crow, The Honey Possums, The Tasty Licks, Whiskey Kick, Huey Lewistein and the Jews, and ThunderPunch 13.   Then on Saturday, the bands playing are: Le Gastons, Porno Time, Forbidden Fruits, Jane Austen Pizza Party, Triple X Panda, and Business As Usual.  Both nights will begin at 9:00 p.m. and go on for about 4 hours.  This is also an 18+ show!  Now not only will this show include a lot of great music, but all the money that is made from these shows will go towards funding local school’s music programs.  So come on out to the Blue Nile and support Harrisonburg’s high schools!  For more information about the Rock Lotto, check out their facebook here.




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