Maps and Atlases

21 04 2011

Check out this song by Maps and Atlases titled Solid Ground.  I think that it is a good display of their unique sound.  Enjoy!


Pants For Bears

15 04 2011

If you want an energetic show to go to this weekend, check out Pants For Bears at the Blue Nile Friday at 9:00.  They are a rock jam band that have a kind of psychedelic feel to them.  They put on a wild show and you will be sure to have a fun time!  Above is a video of a previous performance by them at the Blue Nile.

The Great Migrators

15 04 2011

Check out the video above of the The Great Migrators playing their song “Columbus and the Taino” at MACrOcK.  This video really shows off their mellow music, as well as their powerful vocals.

Casey Cavanagh Band

7 04 2011

At the Blue Nile tomorrow night(Thursday),  the Casey Cavanagh Band will be playing a showing.  This is a local Harrisonburg band that play original alternative and folk rock music.  Check out their myspace and their brand new song titled Rock n’ Roll!  I think that it is very important to support local musicians, especially when they are as talented as this band is.  So come on out on Thursday to the Blue Nile to hear the Casey Cavanagh Band.

18 03 2011

Justin Jones and the Driving Rain!

18 03 2011

Justin Jones and the Driving Rain will be playing at Clementines on Saturday the 19th at 9:00! There will be $10 cover charge.  Justin Jones and the Driving Rain is a soulful, indie rock band that is based out of Washington DC.  The video below is a great example of the lead singers unique voice and the bands unique sound.  Check out the bands myspace below to read more about the band and listen to some more of their music.

Binary Marketing Show

2 03 2011

Check out this video of The Binary Marketing Show titled “Shape of your head.”  I really enjoyed it myself.  Let me know what you think of it.

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