21 04 2011


15 04 2011

The Great Migrators will be playing their farewell show at Clementines on Saturday, the 16th, at 9:30 pm.  There is only a $5 cover for this show I would highly recommend going to it.  The band has a very folksy/indie feel to them and reallyknow how to belt out the vocals.  Not only are they great performers, but they are also a local band and I am always looking to help support a local band.  Check it out!


7 04 2011

This Saturday at Clementine’s at 9:00 pm, Frank Solivan and The Dirty Kitchen will be playing, and for only a $10 cover charge.  They are a 4 piece string band that plays a lot of folk/bluegrass music.  They out of Washington DC and are ending a short tour up the east coast currently with the second to last stop being here in Harrisonburg.  At the end of the month, they are heading out to west coast for a 2 month long tour out there, so you are not going to want to miss seeing these guys while they are still here.  Powered by strong harmonies and long solos, they put on quite on an exciting show.  Be sure to stop in at Clementine’s Saturday night.

Larry Keel & Natural Bridge

4 02 2011

Larry Keel & Natural Bridge will be playing Friday night at Clementines.  The show is $10 at the door and starts at 9:30.  They are a bluegrass/folk band.  They have been called possibly one of the best touring groups of their genre.


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